G Suite by Google Cloud

MedForward is a reseller of G Suite

G Suite is a professional suite of products available for your business and powered by Google. This service includes a variety of Google products, including professional email, calendars, and online storage, available on your domain name.

G Suite Services

Services available through G Suite include:


  • Gmail:

    Professional email addresses at your domain name with 30GB of storage, no ads, and 24/7 support
  • Hangouts:

    Voice and video calls
  • Calendar:

    Schedule meetings among team members


  • Drive:

    Store, share, and sync your documents securely


  • Docs:

    Real-time word processing
  • Sheets:

    Powerful spreadsheets
  • Slides:

    Beautiful presentations


  • Admin:

    Business controls and security

HIPAA Compliant Email Services

G Suite is HIPAA compliant and offers a secure way to communicate through email. Administrators for G Suite can request a BAA before using Google services with Protected Health Information (PHI). A business email set up on your domain name also looks professional and boosts confidence in patients communicating with you.

Learn more about HIPAA Compliance with G Suite

MedForward's pricing is the same as G Suite accounts purchased directly through Google.

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