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Archived News and Events

6/15/2013 - New Features added to Secure Online Forms

MedForward has upgraded its secure online forms software to include new features. These features are designed to expand the functionality and improve the user experience. Offices can filter by office location, enabling better support for multiple office locations. Other improvements include performance and continued security enhancements.

5/23/2013 - MedForward CEO Presents on LinkedIn

CEO, Michael Weiss, presented to Nashville area business owners on the benefits of LinkedIn to grow a business today. The presentation included how to set-up a company page in LinkedIn, specific uses of LinkedIn for your business, search engine optimization, managing your online reputation, and other ways to use social media to help grow your business.

2/11/2009 - MedForward, Inc. to Exhibit at the South Beach Symposium, February 2009

MedForward, Inc. is proud to exhibit at the annual South Beach Symposium.

Visit our booth to learn how we can help your practice with online marketing, search engine optimization, and bring your practice more patients during present economic conditions.

Visit the South Beach Symposium website for more information.

10/1/08 - MedForward, Inc. to Exhibit at ASDS Orlando, FL 2008

MedForward, Inc. is proud to exhibit at the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery 2008 Annual meeting.

Please be sure to visit our company's booth to see our fantastic software products and learn more about how we can help your practice.

Visit the ASDS website for more information.

9/1/08 - ETC Accepts MedForward, Inc. as a Member

The ETC, a venture of Baltimore Development Corporation, is a non-profit business incubator program with two separate incubator facilities, focused on growing early-stage technology and biotechnology companies in Baltimore City. During the summer of 2008, MedForward joined the Emerging Technology Center.

Visit the ETC website.

7/21/08 - MedForward, Inc. Attending ASPS Meeting

With the release of the new and the latest update to the MedForward Pages software complete, MedForward, Inc. will be attending the 2008 Meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons from October 31-November 5, in Chicago, Illinois. We believe that there is no better place to show off the future of medical website technology, and no more natural setting than with the ASPS. Please check back in the near future for more information on booth location and design portfolio.

Visit the ASPS website.

4/2/2008 - MedForward Inc. Attends ASLMS Meeting 2008

MedForward, Inc. was proud to debut their MedForward Pages software at the ASLMS 2008 Meeting in Kissimmee, Florida. The event was a tremendous success for the company, and it was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to share thoughts and technologies with so many of the greatest minds in Laser Medicine. MedForward's next meeting appearance will be at the ASPS Plastic Surgery 2008 in Chicago.

Visit the ASLMS website.

10/5/2012 - Offering Responsive Web Design and Mobile Sites

MedForward now offers website that are fully mobile. These sites function without adding any restrictions to the content that users can access, unlike other mobile sites. The updates only have to be made once to update both the mobile and the regular version of the site. The websites are optimized for the Retina display.

8/10/2010 - MedForward upgrades content management system

Updating your website was already easy with MedForward Pages, but now you can do even more.

The updates includes even faster loading speeds for web pages, a streamlined user interface, and changes based on the recommendations from our users. With MedForward Pages, you can easily manage the information on your website, no matter how complex your website is, or what you want your website to accomplish.

MedForward still offers complete management plans where we can make all of the content changes for you.

Contact us today for more information.

5/1/2010 - MedForward nows offers secure online forms

MedForward is proud to release MedForward Forms.

When a patient steps into your office and has not yet completed their form, it causes delays in the schedule, which translate into additional headaches for the staff, less happy patients, and lost revenue.

While you can place your forms on your website in PDF format, patients must take the initiative to print them out, fill them out, and remember to bring them in prior to their visit.  Most patients forget or do not take those extra steps.

Now the entire process can be completed electronically.  In a secure, HIPAA compliant fashion, patients can submit their medical history, registration forms, and more. Any existing form can be converted into an electronic form. We build the forms for you based on your current forms.  Or, you can set-it-up yourself using our easy to use software, free.

Learn more about MedForward forms.

3/19/2010 - Apple mobile platform compatibility packages available.

With the growing popularity of mobile devices for web browsing, more patients will be researching your practice from their mobile device, which includes the iPhone, iPad, or iPod.  Some of these devices do not have the ability to load flash animations or display all of the aspects of a website. MedForward can make your website compatible with these devices.  Graphics, streaming video, and content will display correctly on mobile devices. After analyzing website statistics, we have seen an exponential growth in mobile device usage.  Over the past year, it has grown from less than 0.5% of traffic to 3% for medical websites.  We expect to see this number increase further in the near future.  Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about how to make your website compatible with mobile devices.

2/10/2010 - New search engine optimization strategies implemented.

MedForward has implemented a new strategy for search engine optimization.  This technique complies with Google's recommendations.  On a technical level, the HTML code is implemented using the least possible number of characters for faster loading time.  We make sure that your server loads web pages quickly.  In addition, we optimize the meta tags and HTML code for every item on the page to ensure accurate communication of information on the page.  One of our consultants will read through your content and make recommendations for content updates that will help your site appear for the marketing search terms relevant to the services your practice offers.  This technique also includes a set of regular content updates to ensure fresh information for search engines, an XML sitemap for Google, back-link optimization, and other state-of-the-art methods to maximize search ranking.  Our SEO techniques do not include any methods that carry the risk of penalties from search engines.