Resources Recommended by MedForward

As a member of the online web development community, MedForward supports a number of organizations and websites that benefit the community and provide helpful resources to those who need them. Below is a list of a number of these organizations and links to their sites.

Google Adwords: Google provides a great online marketing option in Google Adwords, which lets users pay for sponsored ads that will appear alongside of traditional search results. MedForward will manage a Google campaign for our clients. 

Google Analytics: Google provides a great web analysis and statistics program in Google Analytics, which lets users view in depth statistics about the traffic coming to their site. It is a free tool, and very powerful for analyzing how well a web site is doing.

Medical Economics: In 1923, Medical Economics magazine was created to help busy physicians cope with the business side of medicine, the nonclinical problems associated with running a private, office-based practice. Today, Medical Economics continues to live up to that challenge, and to its responsibility as the best-read journal in the physician marketplace: informing, educating, and assisting busy primary-care doctors.

Journal of Healthcare Information Management: According to their website, "JHIM is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal edited specifically for healthcare information and management systems professionals. Each issue of JHIM examines a specific topic in the areas of clinical systems, information systems, management engineering and telecommunications in healthcare organizations.

Medical Library Association: This guide outlines the collective wisdom of medical librarians who surf the web every day to discover quality information in support of clinical and scientific decision making by doctors, scientists, and other health practitioners responsible for the nation's health. This guide is supported by the Medical Library Association (MLA), the library organization whose primary purpose is promoting quality information for improved health and whose members were the first to realize that not all health information on the web is credible, timely, or safe. 

Nashville Business Incubation Center: The Nashville Business Incubation Center is devoted to one goal: building and growing the region's business community. 

Emerging Technology Center: The ETC, a venture of Baltimore Development Corporation, is a non-profit business incubator program with two separate incubator facilities, focused on growing early-stage technology and biotechnology companies in Baltimore City.

Health on the Net Foundation: Health On the Net Foundation is the leading organization promoting and guiding the deployment of useful and reliable online medical and health information, and its appropriate and efficient use. Created in 1995, HON is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, accredited to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. 

VivaCare: The organization offers a complimentary service for medical professionals. It includes hundreds of handouts for different medical specialties. This can be integrated with your website. Numerous MedForward clients have chosen to integrate their services with their website.Website Design and Preferred Baltimore, Maryland Website Designer at

RealSelf: RealSelf offers patient-provided reviews, ratings, and before and after images of cosmetic treatments. RealSelf allows patients to provide feedback on specific procedures as well as rate their doctors and surgeons.